London is often the first port of call for new candidates arriving in the country. Yes it’s overcrowded and yes the tube is ridiculously hot even in the depths of winter but…. there is so much to do and see. You could spend months visiting a different pub, restaurant or exhibition every night. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience a West End show. If you want recommendations please ask us. There is always someone at the agency who has been to the latest show or at least has a friend of a friend who has! The same goes for places to eat or museums to visit. London is constantly changing with new exhibitions opening or special events being planned.

For up to date events and shows please see Visit London

Outside of the capital your leisure choices increase to include everything from horse riding in Wales to surfing in Cornwall. We supply staff to the whole of the UK and Ireland. Speak to us if there is a specific area of the country you want to visit. What could be better than living in and experiencing the part of the UK you have always wanted to see whilst getting paid for it!

Visit Britain is the official tourism site for the UK

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