However if you are constructing a CV in order to apply for a permanent position a few more background details may be beneficial.

If we receive you CV and it is not in the correct format we will amend it so it is suitable for submission to our clients.
To ensure that your CV is viewed as you intended we recommend that you format your CV before you send it to us. This means you can ensure that all the information that the departments are looking for are within the CV and that they can be viewed easily. We have created a CV template which you should follow. The template covers all of the necessary information needed.

Download CV template
  • Profession
    Insert appropriate job title. Eg: Radiographer.
  • Key skills
    Insert appropriate skills. Eg: Diagnostic Radiography, MRI
  • Nationality
    Enter Nationality. Eg: Australian
  • Personal Statement
    Write a short summary of your professional profile eg: commitment to patient care. This should be approximately 50 words.
  • Degree Qualifications
    Enter your degree title. Eg: Bachelor of Applied Science in Medical Radiations specialising in Nuclear Medicine.
    Name of University: Eg: University of Sydney
    Dates attended. Eg: 13th Sept 1999 to 19th July 2002
    Grade: Eg: 2:1.
  • Professional Certificates:
    Enter the details of any additional qualifications relating to your profession and the date completed. Enter the most recent first.
    Add/delete rows as necessary.
  • Additional Courses Attended
    Enter the names of any additional courses attended. Add/delete rows as necessary.
  • Employment History
    Enter your work history starting with the most recent first.
    Explain any gaps in employment e.g. Travelling in SE Asia 2nd Sept 2013 – 20th Dec 2013.
    Add/delete rows as necessary.
  • References
    Enter the details of 2 referees. List referees from your two most recent jobs.

We recommend that CVs are no longer than two pages long. Keep the information concise and accurate. Use specific dates. Department heads will have many CVs to look through. They will be quickly scanning for staff that have the qualifications and experience they are looking for.

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